Ravelry Christmas Ornament Swap

Matryoshka on the treee Purple matryoshka Yellow matryoshka

Pattern: adapted from Matrioska bookmark
Project: on Ravelry

Before Christmas, I participated in an ornament swap (see the Seasonal Swappers group on Ravelry if you’re interested in joining future swaps!).

I think these matroshka (Russian stacking dolls) turned out pretty cute, despite the fact that

  1. each one is slightly different since I had a hard time following the pattern (it’s translated from Spanish) & I did a lot of supposing what I should do next from the pictures.
  2. embroidering is kind of a pain, so I just did it for the face & hair, and took the easy way out for the body by sewing on buttons instead.
  3. after looking at the pictures on facebook, my mom declared that “Those snowmen are so cute!” Oops. Though, I think if you worked these guys up in all white, they would make really cute snowmen.

3 matryoshka ornaments for 3 lovely ladies!

Super secret step: after crocheting, but before decorating, I sprayed these over with stiffener & let them dry a whole day. That way they wouldn’t be flopping around on the Christmas tree.

Ornament swap #1 DSC_0852 Ornament swap #2

And these are the new handmade ornaments I have for my tree! I love them, and I definitely got lots of comments on how cute they were 🙂 Thanks, ladies!

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