FO: Hats two ways – Stripey Winter Hat & “Fair Isle” Earflap Hat

I also made a couple of hats as Christmas presents. I really like making hats, since they work up pretty quickly (as compared to say, an afghan or a sweater 🙂

The first of these was for my sister’s boyfriend, who is (sadly) a Gamecock fan.

FO: Gamecock Stripey Hat

Pattern: the hat portion of Galen’s Manly Scarf & Hat
Project: on Ravelry

I worked it up in garnet and dark charcoal, for South Carolina colors. My favorite part about this stitch pattern is how it comes out looking very houndstooth-esque. In better colors, I think this would be cute not only for men. 😉

FO: Gamecock Stripey Hat

For another friend, I also worked up this earflap hat in a sort-of “Fair Isle” color pattern.

FO:  "Fair Isle" Earflap Hat FO:  "Fair Isle" Earflap Hat

Pattern: Aspen Ski Hat (Crochet Today! Nov/Dec 2011)
Project: on Ravelry

Funny story, I’d made a hat for this same friend a couple Christmases ago — an earflap hat in a different pattern — and it turned out too small! I felt so bad, I promised him that I’d make him another hat that actually fit, and this Christmas I finally came through. That original earflap hat also gave me somewhat of a complex, so now I’m super careful about how a hat fits. (Which is why the striped hat came out a bit big. Oops.) The good news is, this hat came out perfect!

FO:  "Fair Isle" Earflap Hat

When I start a project, I usually just go to my LYS and get all new yarn for it, but this Christmas I made a conscious effort to use up the yarn I have already in my stash. I had all of these colors for the Fair Isle earflap hat from another project. Truthfully, I was a bit worried that all of these bright colors would compete with each other and clash. Perhaps they would for any other person, but the combination of all these bright colors fit my friend’s personality so well! I was just glad I could make up for my previous failed attempt. 🙂

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