FO: Minnesota Mitts

FO: Cabled mitts

Pattern: All for One Family of Mitts
Project: on Ravelry

WIP: Cabled Mitts WIP: Cabled Mitts, right handWIP: Cabled Mitts, right hand finished! WIP: Cabled Mitts, left hand
in progress…

FO: Cabled mitts FO: Cabled mitts

First in my Christmas present series! These were for my cousin (along with the Doctor Who cross-stitch you saw), who goes to the University of Minnesota. Apparently I matched the color pretty well. (Yay!)

Y’all, these were so comfy and so warm, I almost didn’t give them away! I’m definitely making a pair for myself, but maybe going up a size, so I can crochet them in DK with a smaller hook — that way the ribbing isn’t so bulky. These are super-easy to whip up, btw. I took my time with these (I didn’t want to screw up the cables), & it took me 2 nights per glove (one for the ribbing, one for the palm) working in front of the TV.

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