Adventures in Cooking: Thanksgiving Pecan Pie

For Thanksgiving, my dad requested pecan pie. Mom was just going buy one until I swooped in & saved the day said I had made one before. Which I (of course) did not save the recipe for.

After doing a bit of internet searching, I settled on this recipe for Southern Pecan Pie. I didn’t want any fancy variations, and I definitely didn’t want to have to roast the pecans (I did this for my first pecan pie, and it was a big fat PAIN.)

Eggs don't get any fresher than this. I said *consummate* V's! Prebaked crust

I was pretty sure I should pre-bake the crust, so the bottom wouldn’t be this soggy sugary mess. So I followed the directions on the pre-made crust box & poked a bunch of holes in the base and sides. The first iteration (which i’m not showing here) I didn’t poke all the way through, and the crust puffed up with this giant air bubble during the baking. (I tried to break the bubble & ended up breaking the whole crust in the process. That one went in the trash. I’m convinced this is why the company puts two crusts in the box.) Try #2 I made sure that my poked holes went completely through the dough. This baked really nicely, but became a problem later on when I baked the pie — the liquid filling bubbled through these holes & adhered the crust to the pan. Clearly there’s not optimal method here. Anyone know any other ways to successfully pre-bake a crust & avoid these issues?

Pecans, waiting for the sugar filling Anything with corn syrup is just very unwieldy Don't want to burn the edges

The rest of the pie came together pretty easily, apart from the fact that corn syrup is really really sticky and somehow manages to get over everything no matter how hard you are trying to be clean. Since I pre-baked the crust, I covered up the edges when baking the rest of the pie, so they wouldn’t get burnt.

Smells so good!

It was a bit of a trial getting the slices out of the pan, but the finished product was way better than any store-bought pie. YUM-O!

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