WIP: Crochet Club 2011 April patterns progress…

I’ve actually had these guys done for a few weeks now, but i’m just getting around to blogging it. They. Are. Gorgeous. Hands down my favorite piece of the mystery blanket so far. (I haven’t gone back in the archives to check, but how many of the pieces have I said this about? 🙂

Mandala Circle closeup

Don’t you just love all the colors! And the star-flower pattern. And the teensy bit of sparkle that the round of beads gives. <3

Mandala Circles, stackedI’m behind, so a bit of the mystery is gone for me since I know what’s next. That certainly hasn’t taken any of the fun out of the process, though! In this case, it helped me out — I knew that May called for another 2 Mandala Circles, so I went ahead and did those as well. Four Mandala Circles done, 2 for April and 2 for May!

I can’t wait to see what these look like once I’ve blocked all the wrinkles out!

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