WIP: Crochet Club 2011 March patterns progress

Slowly but surely, right? That is definitely how i’m finishing this project. It’s by far the most ambitious thing i’ve ever done, and i’m loving the experience. Much thanks, btw to everyone on the Ravelry forum. Y’alls FO pictures are keeping me motivated! Everyone’s pieces look absolutely gorgeous 🙂

On to the pictures, amiright? I’m about halfway through with the March patterns, thanks to the heat wave we are having right now in NC. Makes me want to stay inside! It’s even too hot for the pool (and if you know me at all, that’s saying something. I <3 the pool so much.)

March: Beaded steps March: Corner squares March: Multi colored chevron

I’ve also started blocking the finished pieces. I’ve been crocheting for a while, but I’ve never done a project that required me to block it afterwards, and i’m kind of astonished at the difference it makes. You can definitely tell in the picture of the beaded steps above — i’ve blocked the piece on the left, but not the one on the right.


Four pieces blocked so far… perhaps after March’s patterns are done, I’ll actually start sewing things together!

Blocked patterns (slowly but surely...)

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