WIP: Crochet Club 2011 March patterns finished!

March: All patterns complete!

A combination of it being so blazing hot & me catching a summer cold have kept me inside & recooperating. Which has resulted in me zooming through the rest of the March patterns, yay!

March: Multi-colored chevrons March: All Corner squares March: All Intarsia Pyramids

The pieces are slightly difficult to photograph in their current state (not blocked and with no ends woven in), since the ends are going every which way & the corners are curling up ridiculously. The only tweaks I made this month were to the bobbles on the chevrons. I switched out the blue Lenpur Linen color for Bubbles, since I hate that linen yarn with a passion! I also think it gives the pieces a nice pop of color amongst all that dark blue and garnet. 🙂

Layout of the finished pieces so far. I've still got a lot of blank space...

On a lark, I laid out all my finished pieces roughly according to how they’ll go together for the final blanket. I’ve got quite a bit of blank space, still.

On to April…

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