Adventures in Cooking: Hide-and-seek Chicken Quesadilla Casserole

Dinner invention: Chicken Quesadilla Casserole

Last week I had this recipe stuck in my head that I thought I remembered eating at home, but then completely failed to find exactly what I remembered. So I sort of improvised, buying the main ingredients I could recall, and scrounging around my kitchen for other ingredients found in other recipes I thought were similar. It’s a part hide-and-seek, part Frankenstein meal, but it ended up being all tasty. (Is that too cheesy?)

As you can see in the picture above, I used this medium-size CorningWare dish I have, and it made 4 good sized dinner portions (1 for dinner & 3 leftover meals).


  • chicken
  • taco seasoning
  • cream of chicken & mushroom soup
  • small can of diced green chiles
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • water
  • medium tortilla shells

What I did:

  1. Cut up the chicken into bite-sized pieces & cook it, then added taco seasoning & water and cooked some more (like I was making taco meat).
  2. Emptied out the can of soup into a bowl. I thought it didn’t look liquidy enough, so I added a half a can of water. Then I mixed in a couple handfuls of cheese, about half the can of chiles and the cooked chicken. Between the half can of chiles and the taco seasoning, it was just spicy enough for me, but i’m pretty wimpy. Add the whole can of chiles if you’re inclined.
  3. I sprayed the dish with Pam so things wouldn’t stick, and then starting with a layer of tortilla, I alternated tortilla and chicken mixture until I ran out of mixture. I ended with a layer of tortilla. Because of the shape of the pan, I ended up ripping a tortilla in half and overlapping the two halves as one layer.
  4. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. You should probably cover the dish with aluminum foil too, so your top layer of tortilla doesn’t get too tough. I forgot to do this at first, and the top layer was kind of difficult to cut through. I cooked the whole kit about 40 minutes, until it was good and bubbling, then took off the foil, sprinkled cheese over the top, and cooked it for another 10 or so minutes, until the cheese melted.

I probably need to eat more vegetables.

I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out. I don’t usually trust myself to improvise while cooking. I think I do probably need to eat more vegetables, though.

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