WIP: Crochet Club 2011 January patterns finally finished!!

January patterns: waves + chevrons January patterns: waves January patterns: chevrons January patterns: corner squares

About a week ago (I suppose, it takes me awhile to get the pictures off my camera & then upload them) I finally finished the January patterns for my Crochet Club creation. Hooray! Of course, since it’s my least favorite thing to do EVER, I left weaving in the ends until last. Just that alone took me a week. Such a tedious task. I’ve decided to leave off blocking anything until it’s time to start sewing motifs together, so I think that buys me another month.

One last look at all of the pretties together:

January patterns: complete! (finally)

I’ve since started on the patterns for February (beading! so excited!) — at first it was tedious, counting out the beads & threading them on. But now that i’m actually crocheting them in, i’m in love. The effect is fantastic.

As always, still plugging away…

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