Usability tweaks; Small plug for Ravelry

I’ve added a little tweak to improve the reada-usability of the crochet posts on the blog.

I use a website called Ravelry to keep track of all my projects. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a free site with required registration that’s geared towards crocheters and knitters. If you are a yarny-crafter, this site is really the best. It makes it easy to share projects with others: not only what you’re working on, but what yarn you’re using, what needles/hooks, where you may have run into problems, etc. It has the best database of patterns for both knitting and crochet. It’s basically an all-around amazing tool.

But I also know that there are those of you out there who are just here to see the pretty pictures & just aren’t interested in signing up for another website that you’ll never use. So previously, i’ve tried to warn you of Ravelry links via (text in parens), but i’ve tweaked the css to automatically include a bitty Ravelry icon after the links, like so: Ravelry link, that way I can’t forget!

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