FO: Lizzie Cowl

Lizzie Cowl

When I first started this blog, I imagined myself posting a lot about my crochet projects, making updates about my progress on things, etc. I obviously hadn’t thought this through all the way, since 95% of my projects are presents for other people. You can see the huge problem with my plan: the set of people for whom I would be crocheting things is the same set of people who would be reading my blog. Unless I didn’t really want to keep the present a secret from the giftee, I couldn’t really blog about these projects until the gift was given. WOMP.

So it kind of gives me great joy to make my first crochet project post about something that i’ve finally finished FOR ME!


I fell in love with this yarn when I got it in white for another project (friend’s Christmas present). The second I laid eyes on ‘Clementine,’ I knew that it had to become something for me, STAT… even though i’m working on a bunch of Christmas presents for other people at the moment. And let’s face it, i’m a sucker for anything orange 🙂

And then I happened upon this cowl pattern, the Elizabeth Bennet — which preys on both my love of scarves AND my love of Jane Austen — and decided it was a match made in heaven.

I originally started this project with a K hook, like the pattern calls for, but I tend to crochet pretty tightly, and when I’d finished one round & tried it on, it was smaller than I’d hoped. I want a loose, comfy cowl — so I went up to my next largest hook (N? I think) & now it’s perfect size. 🙂

Lizzie Cowl as a hood Lizzie Cowl stitch pattern

In true cowl fashion, I can also lift it up over my head & wear it like a hood to keepboth my neck & ears warm 🙂

I thought I’d have to exercise my patience & would need to wait awhile to test out my new accessory, but luckily for me, NC weather is fickle at best. I don’t think I’ve ever referred to NC weather’s schizophrenic tendencies as a positive before, but in this case, the sudden onslaught of fall-like weather let me wear the Lizzie cowl the very next day! w00t!

And: i’m famous! (Sort of… if you’re a Ravelry member.) The pattern creator messaged me to ask if she could feature my photo on the pattern page (requires sign in)! So cool!

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