Adventures in Cooking: Strawberry-rhubarb crumble

Dessert, all crumbly and bubbly

I’m going to kick off a new series of blog posts I’ve been calling tentatively in my head: dessert-a-week. In which I make a new dessert every week (or so, depending on how long it takes me [+ helpers?] to finish it), and then I share it. Not a terribly complicated concept. And yes, that was a request for dessert tasters. I’m simultaneously kicking off my new training schedule for the 10 mile race i’m running in October. Coincidence? I think not.

Desserts have always been my confidence-saver. I cannot recall a time where I have ever really screwed up a dessert to the point where it didn’t taste good. I’m not including flat-out burnt stuff, because everyone can do that. That’s a normal type of disaster. I hope I was able to convince you last post of how gifted I am at creating absolute food disasters.

Summertime just calls out to me to make things with fruit in them. There’s nothing that says summer to me more than sitting out on the porch and biting into a slice of watermelon or a peach, and having the juice run down your chin.  I also remember this dessert that my mom used to make, called Rhubarb Crunch. So when I saw this recipe for strawberry-rhubarb crumble come up on my all-time new favorite cooking blog, I knew I just had to make it.

Now, rhubarb is one of those things where no one knows what it is. Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable. The cashier at the grocery store just didn’t know what it was, I had to tell him. To be fair, rhubarb is also one of those things, like kohlrabi, that didn’t really make it out of the midwest (my mom is from Wisconsin).  And frankly, i’m not even sure why they started eating it to begin with. It only really tastes good when cooked with a ton of sugar.

This dessert comes together really easily, it’s just a matter of chopping up the rhubarb and the strawberry, tossing it with sugar, and crumbling the butter cut into the dry ingredients on top. Awhile in the oven later, and you’ve got a bubbling bowl of awesome with the perfect fruit-to-crust ratio. I think my tasters would agree 🙂

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