A proper introduction.

Hello there. I’ve always been flaky with blogging. I had a blog of sorts in undergrad, the kind where I wrote about my day-to-day life, but it mostly existed just because I liked to fool around with the site design. It’s gone now, thanks to the university clearing out graduated students’ webspace. (No, really, thank you, university.)

In graduate school, I had something up as a website (because, really, if you have free webspace, it’s practically a sin to not use it), but I never fleshed out the actual content. I couldn’t find the time. And I definitely couldn’t find the time to update the information that did make it up, let alone keep up with any sort of blog.

Now here I am again as a working professional, having another go. I’d like, this time around, to really engage the larger Community of the Internets, instead of adding Yet Another Digital Diary to the noise. So perhaps I should start from the beginning, and give a proper introduction.

My name is Sarah. I am a twenty-something currently living in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, working as a user experience engineer for a large technology company.  I’m pretty enthused about usability and encouraging other women to pursue careers in computer science. I am also an avid reader, a runner, a crocheter, and a bit of a russophile. I’m hoping that should give you a good idea as to what i’d be talking about on this here blog. I’ll strictly tag each post as well, to make it easy as easy as possible for you to find something you’re interested in reading.

And by all means, if you stop by and do happen to find something interesting enough that you stick around, introduce yourself! I love to meet new people, and I fully intend on making Vstrecha a true meeting place for conversations, and not just a bulletin board.

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