WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along

Yarn arrived from Luna Grey, pattern acquired, hat is a go! Slowly, though, one round at a time since the secret project / present is taking priority. I’m only on round 3, but already the pattern is really interesting, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s going to start looking like leaves.

I’m finally back to reading Outlander again; I had to return the library copy ages ago, but I decided I was invested enough just to buy my own copy. Anything I read these days takes me forever because I hardly have any time! The exception being my snow day last Thursday when I had all day to snuggle under blankets while the power was out. I finished my book!

Joining Ginny’s linkup! What are y’all reading, crocheting or knitting lately?


Snow Day, take 2

Ok, this is the South. We do not get this much snow! And not on the regular, multiple weeks in a row. But this year we did, and the second time around dumped a lot of heavy, gorgeous powder all over everything. Including the trees, turning them into something out of a fairy tale. Sometimes the trees could handle it, and sometimes… well, when they couldn’t, they fell all over power lines.

Yup, you guessed it. I woke up to a beautiful, white blanket of snow… and no electricity.

No electricity means no a-lot-of-other-things, it turns out. Like no heat. And no hot water, for showers or for tea. And no charging for my cell phone, or my work laptop (dead as a door-nail by the time I woke up). And no internet, so even if my work laptop were functional, I couldn’t log into anything. And no refrigerator to keep all the things I’d just bought at the grocery store the day before cold. Sigh.

The no-work I wasn’t exactly grumbling about, so put on a couple extra layers and I made myself a nest on the couch of all my extra blankets. I finished my book. I spent several hours crocheting. I watched one of my neighbors sledding down the hill with his small son.

I could focus on all those things that the snow left me without. But then again, I could focus on the time it gave me to slow down, unwind, and enjoy some things I haven’t had much time for lately.



FO Friday! C3PO Amigurumi


I’ve been making my boyfriend M these small Star Wars amigurumi as occasional presents. The latest one, C3PO, was part of his birthday present.


Honestly, they are the cutest things. Eventually, I may get a handle on making them a bit more stable to stand on their own. Maybe.




M keeps them at work, and my favorite is when he sends me pictures of their adventures. This is the latest series that I got this week (complete with the email commentary in italics, which is the best part. I giggled so hard).

There is a .00026% probability of penetrating this translucent enclosure!


Oh my! It’s quite possible that my lower stabilization modules have been damaged!


In the words of earth inhabitant John Lennon, I get by with a little help from my friends.


The project information is out on ravelry, of course. There’s a whole series of these little guys, if y’all are interested in making them yourselves. I’m not getting any kickback for the recommendation, I just think they’re super cute!


WIP Wednesday & Yarn Along

I’ve been working with fun, colorful cotton lately! The perfect thing for when it’s gloomy and overcast outside. All this winter weather just makes me want to hole up on the couch & crochet all day. But alas, working from home has to go and ruin all those plans :)

I just started reading the latest Veronica Mars book; I don’t read a whole lot of mystery novels, but I marathoned that show a couple Christmases ago and LOVED it, so I’ll read whatever Rob Thomas et al create.

AND! Look what arrived yesterday, despite all the snow!


I just know that finishing this hat will ensure that all the winter weather will be over with. It’s like when you bring your raincoat with you, and it never actually rains. (Y’all are welcome.)

Joining Ginny’s linkup! What have you been knitting, crocheting or reading lately?