GMM: Garth Brooks — Standing Outside the Fire

Y’all. I still feel like I need to pinch myself. I saw Garth Brooks in concert last night. This is LIFE BUCKET LIST stuff here. All I can say is:  It. Was. Incredible. That man is a born entertainer. If you have a chance to see him during this tour I don’t even know if I can recommend strongly enough that you should go.

So grateful the weekend is finally here… Happy Happy FRIDAY!


GMM: Concert playlist – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness @ Visulite Theater, 16 Nov 2014

Possibly a poor life decision to go to a concert 2 and a half hours away on a Sunday night when I have work bright and early the next day, but… SO ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. AM was on fire & the crowd was electric! (Well except for the drunk jerk who tried to jump off the stage & had to get escorted out by security…)

Let’s do this, y’all. Happy Monday!


FO Friday! Baby girl (Clemson) bibs

Finally, a Ta da! I finished these, it seems like forever ago… but now i’m finally ready to blog about them. These were the other part of the baby present my mom commissioned me to do. Her boss is also a Clemson grad, so of course, I had to make something orange and purple! Enter: these Clemson bibs!

Baby girl bibs

Baby girl bibs

Baby girl bibs

Baby girl bibs

If you’ve been following my WIP posts on Wednesdays, you know what a Pain. In The. Ass. these bibs were. And because nothing with these bibs can be easy (apparently), I’d wanted to post my pattern edits, but I completely forgot to write any of them down the first time around! So I did a 3rd bib so I could re-work everything out again. (And forgot to take pictures of it before I donated it to my church group. *SIGH*)

I got so fed up while working on the original bibs that I actually bailed on that pattern for a bit and made the orange one using a different pattern for the base, then grafted on Robyn’s lacy pattern for the neck strap. I went back to Robyn Chachula’s pattern for the purple bib.

As always, yarn and hook information are in my Ravelry project. I’ll also post in there about the details of the tweaks I had to make to get Robyn’s pattern to work for me. The buttons I used (aren’t they adorable!?) are from berrynicecrafts‘ etsy store.

Happy crocheting, y’all!


WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

Back to  working on my lacy scarf. I just reached the halfway point, and I’m finally starting to grasp the pattern. Not enough to work without looking at the pattern at all, but enough to be able to look at the next row & recognize it, then complete that row without looking back. It’s sped up my crocheting on this project considerably :)

I’ve started J, the book I’m supposed to blog about. As much as I’d like to finish some other books first, this one has a deadline — I have to blog about it within 90 days. At the rate I’m reading this currently, it make take me the lion’s share of that 90 days to finish this. I’m reading at a snail’s pace, mainly because I don’t seem to have time lately! So much other stuff going on.

Joining Ginny.

What have you been knitting/crocheting/reading lately?