Have a very Merry Christmas!

Well, the first day of vacation is in the books, and I got my whole to-do list finished! Whew.

I’ll be sparse around here for the next couple weeks. I am definitely looking forward to spending time with the people I love. But not to worry, I’ll be back in the new year! Until then, I wish each and every one of you a warm and twinkly and happy and blessed Christmas season :)


WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

All those Christmas presents finished and wrapped! I’m so glad I only bit off the one big crocheted present, because I wouldn’t have been able to finish much more than that.

In a pretty awesome turn of events, this week at work has been insanely quiet. Folks have been slowly trickling out & going on vacation, so there’s not much dev work going on (and consequently, not many of them asking me questions about the design). I’ve been catching up on watching some education videos, so I brought some crochet to work on while I watch (it really does help me concentrate better!) Yesterday I started on a car seat blanket for my friends who are having their first baby, due next May! It probably will take me that long, because rows and rows of hdc are booooooring, both to crochet and to photograph (so no picture of that).

Today I am starting on a hat for my boyfriend (which he asked for). Maybe it should have been a Christmas present, but I wanted to make him exactly what he wanted, something he would definitely use and wear, and I couldn’t ask him about it if it were a surprise (which it most definitely would have been if it were a Christmas present! I’m a purist ;) So I agonized over the pattern, and he loved all the options that I picked out to show him; and then I agonized over the colors, and he loved those options too. Finally he told me that he would love anything I made for him. (I know, I know, he’s the actual best. I’m keeping him :) I’ve made this pattern before, and from what I can remember, it went pretty quickly. So who knows, maybe he will get it for Christmas after all! ┬áNow that I’ve jinxed myself….

Joining Ginny.

What are you knitting / crocheting this week?


WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

Thanks to a few listen-only conference calls this week, I’m in the home stretch of this project, and none too soon! I’m glad I didn’t attempt any additional crocheted Christmas presents… This should be the last WIP Wednesday featuring this project, look for the FO reveal sometime after Christmas!

What have you been crocheting lately? (Trying to finish up Christmas presents last-minute like me? :)


GMM: Julie Andrews — In the Bleak Midwinter

I’m completely in the midst of an All Christmas Music, All the Time phase. I won’t even apologize. The local radio station that’s enabling my listening habits is also running a school choir competition, and every day they play recordings from 3 semifinalists. Yesterday, one of the school choirs sang this song. I can’t say it’s a very popular Christmas carol; I think I heard it for the first time when we sang it at church last year. But when I heard the choir sing it yesterday, I was reminded of the song again. Despite the kind of depressing name, it’s quite a beautiful song, and a good one for advent, I think.

Happy Tuesday!


GMM: Podcast Edition — Serial

I don’t know what game my body is trying to play, but I’m getting really sick of its shenanigans. Right after I’m able to catch up on sleep over the weekend, i’m right back where I started, waking up multiple times during the night. Needless to say, i’m running on Starbucks and Christmas carols right now.

Something I’ve started doing on my longer drives is listening to podcasts. I know everyone’s probably heard of this one already because I’m behind the times, but I’ve just gotten into Serial. This past week’s episode 10 (that I’ve linked to above) is the first one I actually had to wait for. Now that I’m completely sucked in, I’m wondering, how have the rest of y’all been coping with having to wait for a week between each of these!? Ha.

Happy Monday!