WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

I never in my life thought I would be making another WIP post featuring these bibs, at least so soon. When I realized that I didn’t write any of my modifications down after the last time, that was a big disappointment. So I picked the pattern back up again in the hopes that I’d still kind of remember what I did well enough to get through it one more time. That’s… mostly happened. In true fashion for this pattern, I’ve already had to rip out rows and redo them (but only once, yay). Now I think i’m on the right path, and I’ve written everything down this time! Woooo.

I’ve recently gotten into Outlander in a big way (obsessed with the TV show over here!), and just decided to try and read at least the first book before the season comes back again. I checked it out from the library and immediately realized that I’d never be able to finish in the 2 weeks you get. There’s a wait list a mile wide, so I think i’m just going to return it and suck it up and buy my own copy. I actually put the book on my own wait list before the show started & I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it. I think i’m pretty confident that I will, now :)

Joining Ginny.

What have you been crocheting or reading this week?


Tuesday Tea: Roasting pumpkin seeds

It’s finally starting to feel like fall around here! (Well, at least it was. Apart from today getting up into the 80s again…) I turned off my air conditioning and left my windows open all last weekend. But what really made it feel like fall for me was carving my pumpkin for Halloween. I hadn’t carved one in quite a while, but one thing I really enjoyed doing when I was a kid, just about as much as carving the pumpkin itself, was eating the roasted pumpkin seeds.

15463732298_519c0421fd_oIf you’ve never roasted your seeds before, it’s really easy! The most time consuming part is washing all the pumpkin guts off the seeds. While you’re doing that, you can preheat the oven to 300F. Once they’re clean, spread the seeds out in 1 layer on a greased baking sheet. This time around, I had 2 pumpkins worth of seeds, enough to fill 2 baking sheets. Roast those suckers for 30 minutes to get ‘em all good and dried out. Then take them out and toss them in your seasonings. They’ll taste amazing if you just toss them in oil and salt, but feel free to experiment. I tried out something new this year & they turned out pretty great. I tossed my seeds in this mixture before spreading them back out onto the baking sheets:

1/8 tsp each of regular salt and sea salt (for a bit of texture)

1/4 tsp pepper

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/8 tsp chili powder

2 Tbsp olive oil.

Put the seeds back in the oven to roast a bit more, about 20 minutes or so, or until they look nice and golden brown. Voila, you’ve got a super tasty fall snack! I’m enjoying mine right now with a nice mug of tea :)



GMM: Eels — I Need Some Sleep

Y’all, this has been a morning. 

What do you mean, it’s 2:30 already?

Ok. This has been a day.

I know I listened to music on the way in this morning, but I can’t for the life of me remember what any of it was. And my iPod is dead. So here’s me, wishing I could get a naptime in. (Why is it that I always want to type eels with 3 e’s?)

Happy Thursday!


WIP Wednesday! Yarn Along edition

I fall more in love with this pattern the more I work on it. Which is exactly why I already have orange yarn lined up to make another one for myself right after I finish this one :) Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the yarn I’m using is just perfectly smushy and I want to bury my face in it, like, all the time.

Over the weekend I finished Maus I, a graphic novel and sort of biography (part 1 anyways) about the author’s father, a survivor of WWII and Auschwitz. It’s some heavy stuff, and more than once I had tears threatening in the corners of my eyes. But it’s also a lovely story of a father and a son, and the art is amazing. I’ll be picking up part 2 from the library as soon as I can.

Joining Ginny.

What have you been crocheting and reading this week?


GMM: Matthew and the Atlas — Come Out of the Woods

You know those bands, the ones that maybe you’ve heard of before, but never heard a song of theirs, but are most likely completely new to you. The ones that are pleasant surprises. The ones that are almost better than the main act you came to see. This was how I started listening to Lostprophets (who opened for Hoobastank), and also One Republic (who opened for John Mayer). It’s how I heard of these guys, when they opened for Mumford. So good.

Happy Wednesday!